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Light Expansion

“My heart has so much compassion for you dear heart, who is going through a Dark Night Of The Soul, for you can not see the transformation that is occurring. You cannot yet feel the blissful peace that is yours, has always been yours, once the veil is lifted.”


Message from Goddess Isis channelled by Katrina Horn



Are you wanting to make sense of why life has been so challenging for you? 


Do you feel like there is a greater spiritual purposes to these experiences that you are not sure how to access?

Are you wanting to shift ancestral and past-life trauma with more ease and grace?

Would you like Divine support in manifesting a new reality and connecting to your intuition?


Many people think the opening up to intuition and manifesting capability is a matter of learning the skills. Skills are very important however, it is your frequency that drives the process.


Our intuitive skills are unique to each person and anchored through Lightbody Activations - the Ascension process. The higher your frequency the more aspects of your multi-dimensional self you are able to access.


Your Lightbody is the higher evolutionary vehicle through which we ascend. It is the only thing you will take with you when you leave Earth. We bring it to each incarnation. From a personal growth perspective what could be more important?

To embody more light we must first go through the void, the death of an old aspect of yourself, in order to create space for new aspects to birth. This is a creative process that taps into the Goddess technology. The more able you are to access the power of the Divine Feminine the more you are able to shift your frequency and reality.


💫 Learn ancient Mystery school Ascension teachings and Self-Mastery practices on how to alchemise challenging circumstances for you and your family’s growth and frequency shift.

💫 Access your Divine Right to move through external circumstances, with more ease and less suffering, trusting that you are divinely supported.

💫 Be empowered to consciously move through the Spiritual Ascension process. 

💫 Connect into the joyful state of surrendering into Divine Will. 

💫 Attune to the creative Goddess energy to manifest growth and expansion for you and your family. 

💫 Embody more multi-dimensional skills and talents. 



Integrated from lifetimes within the Isis Priestess Mystery School and Mary Magdalene Lineage, it is my honour to guide you through the four-step Lightbody Activation process.

I will attune you to the Divine Feminine Goddess frequencies of Isis, Mary Magdalene and Sekhmet and teach Transferance Healing technology, codes, tools and procedures to support you in your Ascension process, which includes:


  1. Light Activation - events occur to illuminate fears, beliefs, lightcodes and patterning held in your energetic bodies, Lightbody and DNA that slow the light infusion process.

  2. Purification - alchemise these fears, beliefs, lightcodes and patterning to make way for greater light infusion.

  3. Light Infusion - come into a state of balance and open up for Light Code/Frequency infusions.

  4. Integrate and Hold Light - embody and protect your new higher frequency and skills and talents from situations, power plays and energy leakages.



You will start the Activation process with a 1:1 Live Transferance Healing session via Zoom - this will be booked by you at a time that works for you - you will receive a free booking code in the email booking confirmation. 


We will then meet live on Zoom for 4x75-minutes sessions and then have a 6-week integration break before meeting for a final 75-minute session to answer any questions and receive a group Transferance Healing to integrate your frequency shifts.


Time commitments - 2023

Week 1 - February Monday 27th 9:30am AEDT - February Sunday 26th 2:30pm PST

Week 2 - March Monday 6th 9:30am AEDT - March Sunday 5th 2:30pm PST

1-week break

Week 3 - March Monday 20th 9:30am AEDT - March Sunday 19th 3:30pm PDT

Week 4 - March Monday 27th 9:30am AEDT - March Sunday 26th 3:30pm PDT

6-week integration break

Week 5 - May Monday 15th 9:30am AEST - May Sunday 14th 4:30pm PDT



💫 Ancient wisdom teachings on the lightbody and its role in the Ascension process

💫 Guidance through a step-by-step process that supports expansion through life’s experience.

💫 Frequency practices to support your energy.

💫 A 1:1 Full Transferance Healing worth $150AUD.

💫 A group Full Transferance Healing session.

💫 Goddess Isis Frequency Activation meditation.

💫 Mary Magdalene Frequency Purification meditation.

💫 Sekhmet Frequency Strengthening meditation.

💫 Shiva Lingham daily Frequency Balance meditation.



$366AUD/~$250USD upfront 


4x $100AUD/~$70USD payments every 2-weeks - set up the payment plan to receive a booking code to register for the Course. 


Early-bird offer - participants who register in January receive a personal Healing Mantra and Lightbody essence blend individually divined by me, posted to anywhere in the world, valued at ~$100AUD.

Other things:

- In addition to the cost of this course it is recommended you purchase 2 x 1-2” shiva lingham stones before week 3.

- Attending live is recommended however recordings will be available if not possible.

- Lifetime access to recordings for you re-watch as you evolve.

- Lifetime access to the Frequency Meditation audios to support your daily frequency practice. 

- All group healings energetically include all course participants regardless of whether you participated in the live or self-paced sessions.

- The healing frequencies channelled during the sessions are transferred through my recorded voice and so you will still receive these even when listening to the recording.

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