Free Quantum

Manifesting Workshop


We are always looking for the root-cause of our health problems and our energy field is where it ALL begins.


Healing starts with energetic balance and alignment, without this energetic power it can feel like a constant struggle or battle.


If you are ready to try something new to shift your family on a new healing timeline then consider coming on a journey with me over 5-days in my recorded Quantum Manifesting Physical Healing workshop.


In this FREE 5-day workshop I will show you my 6-step process that I have used to co-create my family’s healing in the quantum field and anchoring it in my current physical experience.


At your own pace, you will:

- receive key quantum manifesting concepts,

- go through my 6-step process over the course of the 5-days,

- access the quantum field and anchor new healing timelines,

- go on a journey together to the Chamber of Colour and Light for deep energetic healing,

- hear my own family’s experiences with PANS, PDA, POTS, CIRS, MCAS and other co-morbid diagnoses.


Shifting my own family's energy has been so important to our own healing and I so strongly believe this is the missing link.

Even though the LIVE workshop has now ended, I'd love to hear your experiences as you work through this workshop at your own pace. You can contact me via email or in the Brain Mojo fb group.



We will be expanding on the concepts I've introduced and more in the Creating a Lightness of Being course, I'd love to see you there.

Day 1 - Quantum physics and Step 1 - Appreciation
Day 2 - Step 2 - Vision and Step 3 - Release, realign and reintegrate

In day 2 we go through a process of releasing resistance to our best-case and worst-case scenarios. This is a powerful and freeing process. As parents of high needs kids, we carry trauma from our experiences, always listen to your body and choose the scenarios that feel safe for you to process in the moment. You can come back and process a deeper layer at another time when it feels safe to do so.

Day 3 - Release, realign and reintegrate - Chamber of Colour and Light meditation
Day 4 - Step 4 - Observe and Anchor - Quantum field meditation
Day 5 - Step 5 - Inspired Action and Step 6 - Trusting as a Quantum C0-Creator

Surrender words:

Even though I don't know how to fix, heal, or change, or make this better within me and all of my family.


I am surrendering and I am giving this over to the part of me that does, to my co-creative self.


Amish healer Solomon's prayer (adjust to fit your spiritual beliefs):

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,


Please release, realign and reintegrate/ reactivate/ reabsorb the (insert organ/bacteria/virus etc) as intended.


Thank you heavenly Father for this blessing.