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Release and Rise $140AUD

Access lightness, grace and ease

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  • 140 Australian dollars
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Service Description

Are you wanting to experience lightness, grace and ease in your life? Do you feel like there has to be a different way but you’re not sure how? Do you feel overwhelmed and weighed down by all that you have experienced? Do you feel like every time you try to shift things that life just drags you down again? I’m here to tell you that it is possible to access joy in adversity. I’ve been where you are. I’ve done it. Let me show you how. This is the session that I wish I had access to years ago. This is the first step to a newer lighter way of being where you are in full control of your happiness. I will hold a safe and loving high-frequency container for you as we dive deep and: 💥 Release trauma that has been weighing you down 💥 Re-pattern your way of being in this world 💥 Expand your nervous system capacity 💥 Access lightness, grace and ease What other’s have said about these sessions “It was beautiful. So much healing happened and it’s still all unraveling. Thank you 🙏 🙏 🙏 I’m not a victim anymore. That’s HUGE!!! We didn’t even talk about that that I can remember but the victim-essence has continued to vanish. I feel like a blessed individual. I’m not longer in a victim role. I’m empowered and blessed. So amazing. I sit in awe of the child I used to sit and be sad about what I had not accomplished. There is no sadness. Only bliss and awe. I still want to support her but not as an obligation, only when she calls me 💓 Huge difference.”

Cancellation Policy

Appointment cancellation and refund terms Once your appointment has been confirmed, I energetically hold this space specifically for you and receive information and guidance to assist you during your session before we even meet. In order for me to manage other booked clients, if you arrive later for an appointment then the appointment will still finish at the originally booked time. Cancellations, late changes, or 'no-shows', impact both myself and other clients who may have needed your appointment time, so if you do need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please be respectful and make contact as soon as possible and provide at least 48 hours notice. I understand that things come up unavoidably at short notice and I will do my best to reschedule your appointment to another time. If we are unable to reschedule a time that works for both of us and you choose to cancel your appointment then the following refund policy applies. If cancellation of your appointment is made within 48 hours, you will receive a refund of 50% of the consult fee. If cancellation of your appointment is made within 24 hours, you’re responsible to pay the full fee and will receive no refund. Thank you so much for your respect and integrity. Course upfront and subscription terms: By selecting the payment subscription you are agreeing to pay for the whole of the course over the 8-week period. I will begin holding energetic space for you on receiving your booking and continue to hold this for you over the entire 8-week program. You will be energetically included in the group healing session and receive the benefits of it even if you don't attend. This is not a pay per each group healing session attended, you will be responsible for paying for this energetic exchange even if you do not attend that week's group healing session. A recording is available if you are unable to attend. If you decide this course is not for you then that is absolutely fine and you may cancel the remaining subscription. Your access to the group energetically and physically will cease on cancellation.

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