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Gemmotherapy - plant stem cell therapy

What is gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy is plant stem cell therapy. The extracts are made from the buds of the plant which has growth material for the entire plant within it as well as high-levels of nutrients. They differ from herbs because they contain the thumbprint of the ‘whole’ plant rather than just the roots or leaves etc. Research has shown that specific extracts help specific human-organs - such as the nervous system, brain, liver, kidneys - clean, restore and strengthen itself for long-term healing.

Gemmotherapy supports a healthy functioning nervous system and immune system by creating a strong emotional and physical boundary through the ability of nerves, organs and cells to balancethemselves and move emotions, toxins and pathogens through the body frequently.

Lauren Hubele’s chronic immune system dysregulation protocol

The aim of Lauren Hubele’s protocol is to correct overlooked factor in a healthy functioning nervous system and immune system - creating a strong emotional and physical boundary through the ability of nerves, organs and cells to balance itself and move emotions, toxins and pathogens through the body frequently. Once the body is given the information it needs to be able to repair itself (that’s what the gemmo extracts do), amazing healing is possible over time. It involves the following steps:

  • Nervous system extract(s) - calm the nervous system and emotional state and get the body in rest, repair and digest mode.

  • Elimination extract - support kidney, liver and intestine detox via stool and urine elimination - aiming for a well-formed stool in both the morning and the night a day and urination every 2-4 hours. 

  • Adrenal extract - support detox by balancing the adrenals and reducing inflammation. 

  • Once stool and urine elimination is in balance, extracts are then chosen to support other aspects of elimination such as lymphatics and circulation.

  • Adjust diet and exercise to support elimination - a mostly plant based gluten and dairy free diet is recommended.

What to expect gemmotherapy treatment wise

Gemmotherapy is a slow burn gentle treatment with gradual changes to cell and organ and nervous system health over a longer period of time. Complex neuropsychiatric/developmental issues like PANS/ASD/ADHD are expected to require gemmotherapy for at least 2 years.

Treatment involves taking a few drops of extract 3x a day in water/drink. The drops taste sweet with a slight herbal taste, not strong like herbal extracts and can be added to any drink. 

For the full immunity protocol we would need to meet once a month for the first 3 months and touch base once a week via email for the first month as we figure out the correct extracts and dose. 

Over time as the organ repairs itself a new extract may be needed to target a different organ. After the first few months you would probably need to consult with me every 2-3 months or when you feel like an extract change is needed. Alternatively, you could complete Lauren’s training so that you can take over the case management yourself.

It is recommended that you save any further treatments changes until after the gemmos are well established in order to make it easy to tell benefits/aggravations. You may keep on existing treatment. 

The aim of gemmotherapy treatment is to have no aggravations and so a low and slow approach is taken. You will need to keep an eye on stool and urine quality and frequency and keep an eye out for any ‘emergency exit’ detox (eyes, ears, skins, nose, lungs etc) and any emotional or physical pain all of which are a sign that the body is detoxing too fast for the system to cope. 

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Further resources:

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