About Me

My name is Katrina Horn (nee Myers) some of the things that I am passionate about are:  energy and frequency healing, gemmotherapy, advocacy, nature, and art. I am passionate about the physiological, emotional, energetic and spiritual causes of mental health, neuro-immune, and neuro-developmental issues such as PANS, ASD, OCD, SPD, ADHD/ADD, and depression and anxiety. I live with my two children and husband in Melbourne, Australia.


Healing from chronic illness can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. My family's long journey with auto-immune diseases and PANS has led me to seek a 'lightness of being' regardless of the challenges we face. While we are all still works-in-progress and have tough days, we are no longer burdened by the trauma that we have experienced. We can find gratitude for our experience and the moments of joy in every day.


Now that my family's health is stabilising, I have a deep desire to help others using the knowledge that I have gathered along the way.

I would love to support you to move through this healing period with ease, grace, gratitude and JOY - which is what LIFE is really all about.

Does this sound divine? Wondering what this looks like?

  • I am all about creating a safe space for you that I hold with absolute unconditional love and acceptance to help you and your family create new ways of being.


  • I feel deeply into your energy to help you identify and move through limiting beliefs, emotions and thoughts that are preventing you from living the life you want to live.


  • Together we use visualisation and images to access deeper healing by bypassing the talk therapy and moving through multiple issues in a non-confronting way - you do not need to re-traumatise yourself. Don't think of yourself as a creative person? Don't worry that's my job to support you.


  • I use my intuitive skills with the support of our spirit guides to channel high frequency energy that helps you release old resistant energies and replace them with new beliefs, emotions and possibilities at a cellular level.


  • I build your own skills so that you can feel confident in your own ability to navigate future challenges.

Feel drawn to this? Then contact me to discuss how I can work with you or just go straight to the services section to book your first session.

As a lightworker, my learning over the last 5-years has predominantly been through deep mentorship rather than certifications. In 2021 I became a Tranferance Healing practitioner in which I anchored 7th dimensional healing frequencies and ~50 techniques to activate self healing in the physical, etheric, electromagnetic and light bodies. I am also attuned to Reiki level II although I have now anchored higher dimensional frequencies and guidance.


A session with me can include things such as: nervous system healing, cord cutting, chakra and organ activation and clearing, soul/energy grounding and alignment, deep shadow work, soul retrievals, and entity clearing work.

Deep belief-clearing is also an important aspect of my work and I support you to clear the beliefs at the highest level possible across current past experiences, ancestral and genetic lineage, multi-dimensional soul lineage, archetypal, planetary and soul existence templates.

One of my key skills is that I can feel people's deep core wounding/shadows and I use visualisation/shamanic processes to create safety to guide people deeper to access these themselves and understand and release them.

I also teach children and adults how to manage their energy field and super-senses.

I am a lay homeopath-in-training and a trained gemmotherapist (plant stem cell therapy) with Lauren Hubele. I have decades of personal experience with alternative medicine from me and my family’s chronic health issues and I can muscle-test additional physical supports for your family as needed.

I am continuously working on increasing my energetic vibration with the support of mentors. Mentors that I have worked deeply with include: Georgia Jean and the Circle of Light, Theresa Voigt's Circle of Light program, Chloe Cousin's Earthstar Temple, and Mallory McClelland.


Please contact me for a FREE 15-minute chat to discuss how I can help you, including:

  • Gentle listening and support;

  • Hands-on or remote energy work to clear blockages and limiting beliefs;

  • Gemmotherapy to support the nervous system and immune function; and

  • Muscle testing of nutritional and energetic supports.