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The Family Healing


Next live Portal - Monday March 18th 2023 10am AEST - which is Sunday the 17th March 4pm PDT, 6pm CST, 7pm EDT, and 11pm BST

"Crystal children embody our new and more enlightened chapter of spiritual evolution...As these souls incarnate onto the planet, the world is experiencing a massive influx of higher and purer energetic frequencies. ...They are breaking down our paradigms, and are transmuting pain, fear, and the need for separation...create a healing impact on the souls they touch; those who are prepared to see, and those who are seeking spiritual truth."

Alexis Cartwright, Beyond Doorways 

The children being born on Earth right now are templated with the technology of the 5th Dimensional Grid within their DNA and heart chakra. They are uniquely attuned to energy, light and crystals and are especially sensitive to the changing frequencies of the Earth's Grid, the cosmos, and the energy of the people around them. This can manifest in unusual symptoms that are challenging to support such as difficulties in being focused, grounded and relaxed in their bodies, trouble with sleeping and eating, and psychiatric issues such as phobias, anxiety, OCD, intrusive thoughts, and psychosis. 

The more that we, as parents of crystal children, are able to develop our own emotional and energetic practices to raise our frequency and that of the household's the more our children's physical, emotional and mental health will benefit.


Learning practices specifically channelled by Alexis Cartwright to support our Crystal Children's 5th Dimensional bodies helps them to ground and protect their energetic system from undue external influence and for them to access the Earth, crystalline, stellar and electromagnetic energy they need to sustain their wellbeing.

We have been guided to create The Family Healing Portal as a way for like-minded family's to be supported in creating a 5th Dimensional reality within their family system for family healing.



We meet each month around the Full Moon for 1.5 hours for you to receive frequency support

and guidance on your family's healing journey. 

You will receive in each monthly session:

1. Monthly group energy reading and transmission to help expand your perception.

2. Group meditation activation to raise your frequency.

3. Group healing for you and ALL of your children at no additional cost. 

4. Mentoring and guidance specific to your family's challenges.


A recording is posted on the portal for the next month to rewatch or for those that could not make it live. The meditations then go into the library for future access.

You can cancel this subscription at any time.

In addition to the monthly group healing for you and ALL of your children you have access to:

1. Social media group

2. Meditation library

3. The self-paced Creating A Lightness of Being course worth $299AUD

4. The Crystal Children workshop worth $99AUD

5. Priority for new client 1:1 bookings - when available

6. All Portal family names are placed on my alter

$99AUD/month - includes your children at no extra cost - approx. $65USD/EUR

All registered and future participants are called into the Group healing to receive the healing frequencies regardless of whether they attend live. The healing frequencies channelled during the sessions are transferred through my recorded voice and so you will continue to receive these when listening to the recording.


When you complete the purchase you will be given immediate access to the member-only private webpage which contains the Zoom link, a calendar invite for each LIVE meeting, and immediate access to the resource library -  to access this use the same email to log-in on the right-hand side to access the member's only "Portal".

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