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Creating a Lightness of Being

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Your family's healing path has challenged you for a reason

Physical health is the ultimate opportunity for spiritual growth

It is time to create ease and grace in healing by stepping into your full power! 


💫 Connect into your intuitive skills, extra-senses and multi-dimensional knowledge 

💫 Receive Activations and Light keys and codes to support your unique intuitive skills

💫 Learn how to dramatically improve your child's life by balancing their energy and nervous system

💫 Develop a toolkit to help you move through emotionally challenging times with ease and grace

💫 Gain access to high frequency healing techniques and technology for you and your family

💫 Understand why all of this is so important for our sensitive 'crystal' kids

💫 Empower your family to move through life’s challenges with ease and grace

💫 Expand your awareness of the enlightenment and 'healing' process

💫 Learn and share your experiences with other like-minded neurodivergent and neuroimmune families

Over 8 sections, at your own pace, you will access workshops, teachings, and high-frequency meditations to support you through your family's enlightenment process.

Practice is so important to confidently accessing your intuition in these sessions you get the chance to practice on yourself and others. 

In this course you will receive guidance AND PRACTICE in:

  • Grounding into the crystallised grid. 

  • Connecting to your higher self, skills and guides.

  • Nervous system trauma healing and expansion to embody your higher vibration.

  • Emotional processing techniques to shift from grief and fear to trust and love.

  • Energy balance and energy protection tips.

  • Developing your intuition, clairsenses and energetic connection using tools such as muscle-testing etc.

  • Energy healing techniques such as violet flame, cutting cords, chakra clearing, organ healing.

  • Strengthen your heart connection with your child's soul and sending them healing energy.

  • Releasing, realigning and reintegrating limiting beliefs across ancestors, lifetimes, inter-dimensions, planetary and existential templates.​

  • Accessing your unique multi-dimensional light keys and codes to support your expansion

  • Lightbody purification process.


What’s involved? 


💫 Eight 75-minute workshops where you learn energy healing techniques and a group healing meditation on that workshop theme.

💫 Seven 15-minute audio-only meditations so that you can easily go back and listen to the meditations whenever you need

💫 Seven 30-minute pre-recorded spiritual teaching videos to listen at your own pace and time.


💫 A link to join a supportive private Facebook group to ask questions or share insights as you go

💫 Supporting documents with healing techniques including an Intuitive 'Flare' Plan

💫 Self-paced - access at your own pace and time

💫 Access immediately on purchase: Once you have purchased you can access the recordings by logging into your member-page (top right-hand corner of the webpage) and selecting the Creating A Lightness Course in the drop-down menu. If you are not a website member already then the booking page will ask you to sign-up for free as part of the purchase process.

All group healings energetically include all course participants regardless of whether you participated in the live or self-paced sessions.


The healing frequencies channelled during the sessions are transferred through my recorded voice and so you will still receive these even when listening to the recording.

Safety is the key to deep healing - it is my honour and responsibility as your guide to provide you with a loving, safe and compassionate container as you dive deep into whatever is creating resistance in your life.

Did your heart light up when you saw this offer? Then go ahead and book.

Still have questions? Please contact me.

What others have said:

"I am only partway through the last class recording, but since it is officially "over" I didn't want to wait too long to send you a big THANK YOU Katrina M Horn! This class was exceptional. It answered so many of my questions about energy work and I truly feel more equipped to help my clients and my kids in this realm. Over these weeks I felt a bit like I was in Jedi training... I had these moments of looking around and realizing how powerful my energy was and how I could shift myself and my kids just by going inwards. It was intense! I am using all the tools you taught us and have your lovely, soothing voice in my head guiding me on how to handle day-to-day challenges. I feel like I need to watch them all again, honestly, there was just a ton of information in each class. Thank you for your generosity over the past 6 weeks and sharing all of this knowledge with us. I hope you plan to offer more courses in the future!" Bridget, California, USA

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