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Feedback I’ve Received

"Having a background in homeopathy I was drawn to Katrina’s work due to her also having a child with a similar autism profile to my son. We had not experienced any improvements with homeopathy in the past and had spent the last two years following strict diets and following intense detoxing and supplement protocols since my son’s difficulties in attending school had become permanent in year 7. I had given up my job to support him. After his dog died in January this year he had not come out of his room or engaged with anyone except me until we saw Katrina 6 weeks later.


After that first session my son went into his brothers room and chatted for ages. The improvement in his moods and his mental and physical energy have been incredible. He is now beginning to attend school again, developing new interests, getting out of the house more and enjoying social interaction. He has declared himself an extrovert! His mood is so positive we joke about him making up for the many years of depression. We are slowly relaxing his diet and he is off all supplements except the gemmotherapy extracts and homeopathics Katrina prescribes.

Myself, my husband and younger son are also experiencing significant shifts as a result of working with Katrina. I am feeling much more positive and less overwhelmed, and excited about restarting my career. My husband is healing from chronic viral infections and is much more present.

My youngest son is letting go of feeling over responsible for his brother and focussing more on his own needs and dreams. In less than six months our whole family has totally turned around. Katrina’s work has been nothing short of miraculous and I’m excited and confident about my son’s future." Liz, Parent-Child packs and Homeopathy consults 2021

"I feel like I am so connected to this block/rage/trigger that you worked on... I can see and feel the pattern from my mum and all the women on her side... so deep and so old!... for the first time I have real clarity around it and I feel positive for its change! I’m not sure how it will unravel from here but I have felt a portal into this past grief and abandonment that is rooted many generations back.. I feel like I have some real clarity around it... So thank you!!!...I’ll keep you posted" Sarah, Transferance Healing session, Mar 2021

"I worked with Katrina to help my son with some necessary energetic clearing and even though it was him that we were trying to help, my sessions with her shifted me in ways I never would have anticipated. She took me through a meditation where I could actually feel physical sensations that I had been holding for years move up and out of my body. Her ability to tap into what needs to be healed is nothing less than extraordinary, and she holds such a loving, gentle space for her clients that allows for deep healing to take place.

The energy that Katrina brings to the table goes hand-in-hand with homeopathic treatment as well as physical work such as cranial sacral therapy or acupuncture. When you are trying to heal yourself and your child you need to address the physical, the spiritual, and the ancestral, leaving no stone unturned. As the mother of complex children Katrina brings deep understanding, love, and empathy to what she does, and I believe that anyone who is working on healing their child should consider her work to be a crucial and integral part of that process." Bridget, Parent-Child Pack, Apr 2021

"I've been so grateful for the positive changes I've felt from my sessions with Katrina. I feel lighter and am more easily able to move through the ups and downs that present themselves to me.  Recent challenges within my extended family have stretched my capacity but I feel like the work I've done with Katrina has allowed me to step up out of my comfort zone and guided beneficial change for myself and my family.  I've felt more empowered and excited to accept opportunities with each of the sessions I've engaged in. 

My son has also really loved his sessions with Katrina. You can feel how much he has benefited from the energy healing and how much he resonates with the discussions around energy. He is always eager for another session. People have commented on the lightness he has begun to convey in his presence, a softening of his anxieties and approach to what he perceives are his differences to others generally.  We've been so happy to see him happily benefiting from Katrina's support and see him feeling empowered in his growth." Lisa, Individual, Parent-Child and Teen super-power sessions, April 2021  

"I have had 2 of the 3 sessions with Katrina and both sessions have been insightful and clearing ... it was intuitively amazing when my son walked in the room as we were working on his energy.  His school refusal has improved since!" Kim, Parent-Child pack, April 2021

"It was beautiful. So much healing happened and it’s still all unraveling. Thank you 🙏 🙏 🙏 I’m not a victim anymore. That’s HUGE!!! We didn’t even talk about that that I can remember but the victim-essence has continued to vanish. I feel like a blessed individual. I’m not longer in a victim role. I’m empowered and blessed. So amazing. I sit in awe of the child I used to sit and be sad about what I had not accomplished. There is no sadness. Only bliss and awe. I still want to support her but not as an obligation, only when she calls me 💓 Huge difference.” Rachel, Nervous system repatterning session, 2020

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"Working with Katrina was amazing, I highly recommend her holistic and targeted treatments.
Katrina had the ability to hold and maintain space for big energetic shifts and energy unblocking. With Katrina's support I was able to identify key themes and symbols of strength and unconditional love from my childhood that I didn't realise were there. This healing has re-looped me to reconnecting with strength and grounded-ness that I can now call on everyday.
Since working with Katrina I have been able to take care of my body and function with ease and flow in my everyday work and family responsibilities."

Caro Valenica Coleman, Full Package client, Jan 2020

Katrina is a wonderful healer for myself and my family and I highly recommend working with her. My experience with her as an energy healer has been insightful, accurate and self empowering. Sessions with Katrina have lead me to feel lighter, more hopeful and purposeful in my decisions as we move through blockages in my thoughts and energy. She is intuitive and so spot on in identifying the blockages to freedom of thought and being. Thank you Katrina

Lisa Silva, Energy healing package client, December 2019

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