Feedback I’ve Received

"Working with Katrina was amazing, I highly recommend her holistic and targeted treatments.
Katrina had the ability to hold and maintain space for big energetic shifts and energy unblocking. With Katrina's support I was able to identify key themes and symbols of strength and unconditional love from my childhood that I didn't realise were there. This healing has re-looped me to reconnecting with strength and grounded-ness that I can now call on everyday.
Since working with Katrina I have been able to take care of my body and function with ease and flow in my everyday work and family responsibilities."

Caro Valenica Coleman, Full Package client, Jan 2020

Katrina is a wonderful healer for myself and my family and I highly recommend working with her. My experience with her as an energy healer has been insightful, accurate and self empowering. Sessions with Katrina have lead me to feel lighter, more hopeful and purposeful in my decisions as we move through blockages in my thoughts and energy. She is intuitive and so spot on in identifying the blockages to freedom of thought and being. Thank you Katrina

Lisa Silva, Energy healing package client, December 2019

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