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- In this Manifesting masterclass we leverage the current energetic-portal to supercharge the manifestation of your dreams for the next 6-months.  
- Over 2-hours you will be taken through the manifestation process and receive wisdom teachings, activations and attunements to support your ability to manifest you and your family's healing intentions.

You will receive:
- Empowered Masculine attunement from Osiris - clear wounds on your masculine line to create a stable and effective foundation to manifest aligned actions including the finances to achieve them from.
- Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra integration - Open your 3rd eye further to enable greater infusions of cosmic frequencies to manifest your reality.
- Great Central Sun holographic reality activation supported by Thoth - support the co-creation of your new reality utilising the holographic technology of the multiverse and Cosmic Sun to supercharge your manifesting outcomes. 
- Clarity on your intention and the aligned actions needed to achieve this.

All registered and future participants are called into the Group healing to receive the healing frequencies regardless of whether they attend live. The healing frequencies channelled during the sessions are transferred through my recorded voice and so you will continue to receive these when listening to the recording.

Come on a powerful journey with us to shift your holographic reality. 


I recommend being in a place that is comfortable and free from distraction to ensure your nervous system is as relaxed as possible and open to receiving the healing frequencies channelled during the session. I also recommend clearing your space energetically with candles, sage, resin, or sprays, and creating a small alter to reinforce your healing intentions. 


When you complete the purchase you will immediately be given access to the member-only private webpage with the recording -  you use the same email to log-in on the right-hand side to access the "Courses" page.

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