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Accelerate your growth

Magic happens when we work intensively together - courses and group healings

As with anything in life, the more comfortable and safe we feel the deeper we go and the more we integrate change. This is why I LOVE working with you via group healings. The more we work together the more we connect and the more we become familiar with each others energy and way of being and the more open you are to receiving the healing frequencies and embodying change in your life. These offerings provide you with an opportunity to learn in-depth spiritual teachings and practices that we do not have time to go into during 1:1 sessions. 

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  • Light Expansion

    The Yin - Divine Goddess frequencies
    • 5 x 90-min recordings - watched at your own pace
  • Empowered Manifesting Portal

    The Yang - Masculine Action
    • 2-hour workshop
  • The Family Healing Portal

    Every month
    Supporting our crystal children
    • Monthly group transmission and healing
    • Monthly coaching on energetic practices
    • Access to Creating A Lightness of Being self-paced course
    • Meditation library
Package deals: PaidPlans
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