Are you seeking a lightness of being?

Does this feel impossible to you?


Do you feeling like life is dragging you down? 


No matter what you try to pick yourself or your child back up again

you end up back down in a place where everyday feels like you are

wading through struggles? 

Perhaps, you're struggling with immune system and chronic health

issues as well, such as PANS or auto-immune disease? 


Do you look around and wonder how others are doing it?


Are you confused about how you even go about finding a

new, different, way of being?


I hear you. I really do. I have been there. I still have days like that now. The difference is that I now have the skills and support to move myself out of fear, pain and despair and back into ease, love, joy and trust. 


My name is Katrina Horn, my whole life has felt hard and painful, I have felt misunderstood. I have wondered why I can’t move through life with ease and grace like others seem to do; And I have buckled under this pain many times, sometimes feeling like I can’t get back up again, that I didn’t want to get back up again.


I now see that all of these painful experiences were teaching me. Teaching me how to find joy in the impossible. Teaching me how to support myself and my nervous system so that I can ride through challenges trusting that it will all work out.


This is why I feel so passionately about supporting families experiencing the same thing now. My purpose is simple: I want to show you that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by challenges anymore - even if they are the hardest moments of your life. That it is not a fault in you. That there may be physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic reasons for why you feel the way that you do. That this can change.


I aim to serve you in transitioning to a new, lighter, way of being: 

  • To provide you with unconditional love to all of the painful parts of you. 

  • To listen deeply to you so that you can move through these painful beliefs and thoughts and create new ways of being that serve you and the life you want to live now. 

  • I will use my intuitive skills with the support of my spirit guides to shift your energy and help you find a way forward that works specifically for you and your family. 

  • I will help you find clarity on your next steps including any physical supports that you may need to aide this transition. 

  • I will build your own skills so that you can feel confident in your own ability to navigate future challenges.

  • I will provide gemmotherapy treatment support if you feel it is in your highest good to do.

Please note: I work flexible hours between care responsibilities for my children, if you can not find a time that works for you please contact me direct to arrange a bespoke time.


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