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Seeking a lightness of being for your family?

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Is anxiety, OCD, and emotional outbursts restricting your child's life? 


You feel like you have tried everything but nothing seems to work? 


Healing starts with balancing and managing you and your child's energy field - without this alignment it can feel like wading through mud.


It is amazing the shifts that can occur from clearing and re-aligning you and your child’s energy field to the global grid and your heart-centred holographic blueprint.

My soul mission it to work deeply to support whole family healing through life's challenges.


I enjoy working with cases where the family are wanting to use this opportunity for deep healing.


In order to do this I create a powerful unconditionally loving energetic container for shifts to occur.


This kind of work is not easy, or quick, we go deep but the outcomes are life-changing.


In order to achieve this I recommend you work intensively, preferably weekly, with me over 6-12 months as I guide you in a safe and loving way to connect soul-to-soul with your child to get to the heart of the issue and shift the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical factors creating resistance in healing.

💫 Clearing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma from you and your child(ren)'s energetic bodies, lightbody, nervous system and DNA.


💫 Guiding you to move through emotions that are coming up for you, connect back in to your higher self, have clarity over what additional support your child is needing and get your family back on track to living their best life.

💫 Supporting any physical and neuroimmune symptoms with homeopathic remedies and gemmotherapy extracts. 

What does this look like?  

💫  An initial 1.5-2-hour homeopathic case intake session (if needed):

  • We review your child's full case-history and timeline and I prescribe homeopathic and gemmotherapy extracts (if necessary) to support your child. I include a remedy for you if you feel drawn.

  • We connect into both your energy and your child’s energy to identify the key aspects coming up for healing for you both.

  • I channel high-frequency energies and guidance to support the release of this by your higher selves.


💫 Three full Transferance Healing sessions for your child 1-week apart:

  • These are 7th dimensional frequency sessions that includes up to 50 procedures to activate alchemical healing that supports the self-healing of the body and integrates the lightbody.

  • A LOT of energy is transmuted with ease and grace.

  • I do this as an absentee session and I provide an audio-transcript summary of the session.

💫 A follow-up for homeopathic and gemmotherapy treatment support - you then book these separately every 6-weeks

💫 You may also book a set of three weekly Transferance Healing sessions for yourself or other family members:


💫 You then book follow-up sessions as needed, options include:

  • Further Transferance Healing session for your child(ren) or yourself;

  • Follow-up for homeopathic and gemmotherapy treatment support every 6-weeks;

  • Further emotional/energetic processing and coaching of issues coming up for you.


This is all supported with email support if required over the time we work together - you do not have to go through this on your own.

$1,000 AUD for Transferance Healing and Homeopathic case management - initial 5-sessions per person - payment plans available.

$500 AUD for Transferance Healing only - initial 3 sessions per person. 

PLEASE NOTE: I provide Homeopathy-only services at the Homeopathy Hive, please contact them to be placed on the waitlist here.

Email me to be placed on the waitlist and explore working together. 

Having been there, I know that committing to work with a new practitioner is a big decision. The work we do is deep and you need to feel comfortable with me. If this resonates with you please contact me to discuss how this could work for you either via email or book a free- 10-minute Discovery Call.

What have others said about working with me?

"Having a background in homeopathy I was drawn to Katrina’s work due to her also having a child with a similar autism profile to my son. We had not experienced any improvements with homeopathy in the past and had spent the last two years following strict diets and following intense detoxing and supplement protocols since my son’s difficulties in attending school had become permanent in year 7.


I had given up my job to support him. After his dog died in January this year he had not come out of his room or engaged with anyone except me until we saw Katrina 6 weeks later. After that first session my son went into his brothers room and chatted for ages. The improvement in his moods and his mental and physical energy have been incredible. He is now beginning to attend school again, developing new interests, getting out of the house more and enjoying social interaction. He has declared himself an extrovert! His mood is so positive we joke about him making up for the many years of depression. We are slowly relaxing his diet and he is off all supplements except the gemmotherapy extracts and homeopathics Katrina prescribes.

Myself, my husband and younger son are also experiencing significant shifts as a result of working with Katrina. I am feeling much more positive and less overwhelmed, and excited about restarting my career. My husband is healing from chronic viral infections and is much more present.

My youngest son is letting go of feeling over responsible for his brother and focussing more on his own needs and dreams.

In less than six months our whole family has totally turned around. Katrina’s work has been nothing short of miraculous and I’m excited and confident about my son’s future."

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