Creating a Lightness of Being 

2020 has been a challenging year for a very important reason - it is time to awaken and step into our full power!


Do you feel like life is happening to you rather than for you? Confused by your life events or trying to make sense of global situation right now?


Are you wanting to empower yourself in your healing and enlightenment journey?


To feel an energetic zest for life and excitement for the future for your whole family?


Are you wanting to connect into your higher gifts and talents to reach your full potential?


Come together in circle with a group of beautiful women to share our experiences and support each other as we transform our lives to reflect our divine co-creative potential as five-dimensional beings.


Safety is the key to deep healing - it is my honour and responsibility as your guide to provide you with a loving, safe and compassionate container as you dive deep into whatever is creating resistance in your life.


Each week I will provide a blend of spiritual teachings, healing techniques and high-frequency channelings to support you through your family's enlightenment process.

In this course you will receive support in:

  • Grounding into the crystallised grid, connecting to your higher self, skills and guides

  • Releasing, realigning and reintegrating limiting beliefs across ancestors, lifetimes, multi-dimensions, and planetary templates.

  • Developing your intuition, clair senses and energetic connection using tools such as muscle-testing, dowsing, oracle cards etc.

  • Strengthen your heart connection with your child's soul and sending them healing energy

  • Nervous system healing and expansion to embody your higher vibration

  • Manifesting in the quantum field


What’s involved?


πŸ’« 1.5 hour weekly group healing and spiritual teaching session


πŸ’« Weekly half-hour Q&A session in the Facebook group


πŸ’« Supportive private Facebook group 


πŸ’« Discounted 1:1 support session at $111AUD (usually $150AUD) if needed


πŸ’« A 6-week course - commencing Sunday 1 November 2020 10:00 am AEDT, alternating with 7pm AEDT


πŸ’« Sessions will be recorded for you to save and view at a time convenient to you


Note: times will alternate between Sunday 10am and 7pm AEDT to accommodate all time-zones


All group healings will energetically include all course participants regardless of whether you attend the sessions or not. The healing frequencies channelled during the sessions are transferred through my recorded voice and so you will have receive these regardless of whether you attend live or watch the recording.


There are two payment options:

πŸ’« $180AUD* upfront; or

πŸ’« $30AUD paid weekly over the 6-week course, plus a $10 admin fee. If you choose this option you will receive a subscription code which you then use to enrol in the course.


* This is a Beta test-run of the course and priced accordingly.


Did your heart light up when you saw this offer? Then go ahead and book your space here.


Still have questions? Please contact me.



Montmorency Melbourne VIC Australia

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