Quantum Manifesting FREE workshop


If you are ready to try something new to shift your family on a new healing timeline then consider coming on a journey with me over 5-days in my FREE recorded Quantum Manifesting Physical Healing workshop. This workshop is a great intro to all things energy!


Creating a Lightness of Being 

- next live round commencing 20 April 2021! 

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Your families healing path has challenged you for a reason


Physical health is the ultimate opportunity for spiritual growth.


It is time to create ease and grace in healing by stepping into your full power! 


πŸ’« Connect into your intuitive skills, extra-senses and multi-dimensional knowledge 

πŸ’« Learn how to dramatically improve your child's life by balancing their energy and nervous system

πŸ’« Develop a toolkit to help you move through emotionally challenging times with ease and grace

πŸ’« Gain access to high frequency healing techniques and technology for you and your family

πŸ’« Understand why all of this is so important for our sensitive 'crystal' kids

πŸ’« Empower your family to move through life’s challenges with ease and grace

πŸ’« Expand your awareness of the enlightenment and 'healing' process

πŸ’« Learn and share your experiences with other like-minded neurodivergent and neuroimmune families


Over eight weeks we will meet LIVE on zoom to workshop spiritual teachings, healing techniques and high-frequency meditations to support you through your family's enlightenment process.



Montmorency Melbourne VIC Australia

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