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Our Services

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of 1:1 appointments each week to support your healing journey. 

If you are a new potential client please email me to apply to the wait-list, please note that members of The Family Healing Portal are prioritised for new client appointments. You can access the Portal here.

If you have worked with me within the last year then you may book an appointment on the button below.

Pack options for existing clients

In addition to booking appointments upfront I have created two payment subscriptions for 3 x monthly session packs. I have given the option of the two most popular subscription term requests that I receive - a monthly payment or a weekly payment.


If you wish to pay for monthly appointments over time then you must first purchase the '1:1 Session Payment Packs' at the bottom of the link first and then you can schedule your appointments.


When you schedule your appointments you can click 'Recurring' to make multiple appointments.

If you wish to book multiple appointments in the month then you can either pay for them upfront or purchase multiple packs, e.g. for each person or service.

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