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Do you want to create action on climate change quickly and easily?

After 10-years of climate change advocacy work I feel so strongly that this is the MISSING LINK to effective climate change action!! I am so excited to announce this project which combines three of my passions: climate change, advocacy and energy healing (and I’m sure I’ll include art in it somewhere too)! Do you want to create action on climate change quickly and easily? Do you work in climate change advocacy or care very much about the changes occurring to our environment? Do you feel deep frustration and maybe even hopelessness about the amount of change required in such a short period of time? It can be really challenging to maintain hope for the future when you are in the thick of it everyday, having difficult conversations with people resistant to change and with the looming threat of dangerous climate change in the background. Much of our energy is spent in thinking and talking about what we are wanting to avoid. It is easy to forget about the amazing future that we are trying to create. I want to support you to maintain hope and excitement for the future by tipping the energy balance and spending the majority of our time imagining that amazing future instead. Because it really will be an amazing future; we all know that we grow through adversity and our planet is being asked to move through one of its greatest challenges right now. A world where we overcome these challenges and work together for its long-term sustainability has to be AMAZING! By raising our energy to hope and joy we increase our energetic influence and in doing so are able to increase the momentum for change and our ability to call in the future we desire. Join The Climate Change Consciousness Collective group to use the power of our conscious and subconscious intentions to help manifest limitless climate change action. The group will use the power of key energetic principles that ancient cultures have known for thousands of years and that quantum physics is now confirming. Our group’s key premises are: - Fear and uncertainty over the future currently frustrates climate change action. - Manifesting change from fear does not work - like energy attracts like - you end up perpetuating the situation that you fear. - Our subconscious fears and beliefs can create resistance to the change we desire without us being consciously aware of it. - Therefore, focusing on ourselves and our subconscious beliefs to move through fear back to unconditional love and joy is THE key action we can all take to address climate change. - You can then direct your limitless energy to activate the future you desire in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. - You can also then use the power of your higher frequency energy field to influence change in others. - Coming together as a collective energy or consciousness increases our potential to manifest change and attract a limitless future. - Raising our collective climate change consciousness in the quantum field is how we will achieve the level of change required at the pace required. Listen carefully to the thoughts that pop up in your head as you read this. This will give you a clue as to subconscious fears and beliefs that may be creating resistance in you. Feel free to pop these in the comments if you wish to explore this further. I have so much more to say on this, if you feel excited or curious about this please join our FREE group to continue the discussion. #climate action #climate consciousness

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