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Energetic themes in PANS family systems

A member of my Brain Mojo group recently asked what do you think are the underlying thought patterns/ beliefs/ emotions present in family systems with PANS and pandas? For parents? For kids?

I love this question so much! It’s one that I have pondered frequently and one that applies to any chronic illness/auto-immune disease as well. For those that aren’t aware, PANS is paediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome, a condition where a dysregulated immune response to environmental stressors creates brain inflammation due to a dysregulated immune response. While I am still learning, still growing, below are the underlying patterns that I see in family, friends and clients.

The common theme in all of these points is that they all have the potential to create energetic leakages and hence physical boundary issues, which then enable infections and toxins to stay in the body and create a dysregulated immune response.

Before we get into this, I want to start by saying it’s really hard to think on why your child may be going through this other than ‘this is just how it is’. It can release a lot of fear/frustration/grief.

So please be gentle on yourself, if this is too much for you to think about right now then set a healthy boundary on it and come back to it when you can. Healing is all about self enquiry AND also learning to set healthy boundaries.

It’s been hard for me to ‘see’ the patterns but ultimately my family are better for it. Which is why I will always try to talk about these things with love and acceptance and no judgement or blame. We all have our own energetic patterning to work on - only ascended masters don’t.

My children were both very young (baby/toddler) when they started showing signs of PANS and there was a lot of mum shaming/blaming going on by others advising me at the time and by myself (hello lack of self love and unhealthy boundaries).

Most of it was misplaced and based on outdated assumptions about children and behaviour. Some of it I can now see is relevant. For example, I can now see how my subconscious energetic patterning and energetic responses to my children’s challenges influenced their energy.

It is important to remember that these experiences are here to help us grow not to punish us. Karma isn’t punishment. Karma is about experiences for growth and expansion. The ultimate aim is to always return to love. Love doesn’t punish or shame. Love accepts and expands and grows.

Whether it be through PANS or other health crises or challenges, we are all experiencing a huge opportunity right now to see what in our life needs to shift in order to create a better life for ourselves and the world.

Each family is different of course but there are some general themes that come up a lot:

1. Emotional suppression - this is a big one. Not expressing your thoughts and emotions creates energy blockages and dissonance in your physical systems and organs which leads to poor physical boundaries for infections and toxins to get in.

2. Lack of self love - lack of self love is commonly found at the root of all boundary issues. This is a hard one to face for yourself but also your child 😞 Lack of self love can be passed down through ancestral line or from other lives. It’s important not to have judgement or shame around anything they have unknowingly picked up. Self love is important for WANTING to heal - an important aspect of healing blocks.

3. Limiting subconscious beliefs that create resistance in healing - this is also a hard one to consider, but also really important for healing particularly for cases where there is limited response to treatment. The biggest healing breakthrough I had with myself and family was understanding what benefit the experience of PANS was providing. Eg. If we are sick then we don’t have to do other scary things like put ourselves out there or manage complex social situations etc.

4. Personal sovereignty and inner-power - many parents report that one of the greatest learnings from the PANS experience is stepping into your power by learning to listen and trust your own intuitive guidance and speaking up against misinformed ‘experts’ (again boundary issues). Health crises can be a big coming back into your power moment.

5. Pregnancy and birth trauma/family trauma/past life trauma - even that experienced by grandparents - can impact your genetics and energy systems which in turn impacts your physical expression.

6. Energy management - people with neuro-immune/developmental conditions are usually highly attuned to their environment, including the emotional and energetic environment. Learning how to accept, manage and ground our/their energies and having a strong energetic boundary is really important so that they don't ‘take-on’ what is not in their highest good.

7. Higher path and purpose - your children have their own path and purpose, you have your own path and purpose. You and your child’s souls chose to share this experience together for a reason. The sooner you discover this the sooner you supercharge your healing journey. Our bodies are our guides, if we reconnect to our intuition and purpose and learn all the lessons that we are meant to from this experience then we no longer need to have this experience.

8. Greater collective consciousness purpose - in my view, many of the lessons we are learning through this experience are so that we can show others how we need to live in the higher frequency 5D world of oneness and unconditional love for all.

In particular, our physical bodies need to ‘upgrade’ to accept the higher vibrational frequencies coming into the planet right now. The groundbreaking research and experimentation that is happening because of ASD/PANS is leading to new understandings of the nervous system and immune systems and exciting new ways, such as energy healing, gemmotherapy and homeopathy, to support them.

Think into what resonate for you and your family. Remember to not allow judgement or shame to creep in as you read this. Take a moment to send yourself self love and acceptance to any part of you that is in pain or in resistance to these messages. 💓

If you are interested in learning more then please join the group here

I will be covering each of these aspects in more detail as part of the energy lessons in the group over time.

Remember, this is not a life sentence just because these factors may be influencing your life now it doesn’t always have to be the case - energy healing can help with ALL of these aspects. I have been able to help clear different aspects of all of these things in healing sessions.

The energetic story that has come together to ‘create’ PANS is complex though and, while miracles do happen, it is usually not something that can be done in one session. It can take a while to realign all the layers - like peeling an onion - which is why I like to make session packages more accessible to families by discounting them.

Following all of these threads to self enquiry can be a powerful opportunity, a pathway to a more amazing, fulfilling and empowering life for you and your family if you choose to take it. I would be honoured to hold space for you in private sessions if you wish to explore any of this further.

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