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What are you not seeing?

Sometimes our mind protects us from painful thoughts and feelings even though it is in our best interest to face these head-on. Stare into the eyes of the Barn Owl in the image and ask the questions "What is it that I am not seeing?" Then close your eyes and wait for an answer, this may come as an image, or a word, a thought, a feeling, sound or smell. Breathe into it and ask more questions until you understand what needs to change.

Wisdom of the barn owl

Suspend yourself between earth and sky.

Connect with the wisdom the universe holds.

Root yourself firmly within the protective energy of the earth.

Embrace silence and stillness to hear the message your soul is singing.

Pierce through your darkest layers to see the deepest truth within.

Fiercely pursue with calm confidence the transformation this presents.

Let others judgement fall away like shadows underwing.

Let nothing sway you from your path.

And when the time is right...SOAR!

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