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Are you experiencing increased anxiety or tension right now?

Are you experiencing ascension symptoms such as jitteriness, heart palpitations, vertigo, headaches, insomnia at the moment? I know I have been.

I had an experience that has really helped me get clarity on how to support myself and clients through these symptoms.

I was experiencing a lot of jitteriness and muscle tension. My thighs and buttocks kept on tightening for no reason, even when I was relaxing in bed and reading a book.

During a healing session for myself, on what I thought was an unrelated issue, my legs suddenly got really hot and burning and felt bound together.

When I delved into this sensation with love and acceptance I unlocked stored energy from lifetimes of being burned at the stake, others where I had been trapped and unable to protect myself and run, many experiences of being disempowered when standing in my full expression of myself.

I also held collective consciousness energy of powerlessness and entrapment, planetary templates of victim/perpetrator, mirrored in the #metoo and paedophilia events that were now coming up to be shifted.

I was able to channel this released energy into new beliefs and planetary templates to really embed it within my nervous system that it is safe to stand in my full power.

I was able to invest this energy in resolving the polarity between the roles of victim and the perpetrator, releasing the need for the victim/perpetrator template to lift our consciousness and replacing it with unconditional love and oneness as a process for expansion.

Since releasing and realigning these energies my muscular tension has mostly gone, and the jitteriness and difficulty sleeping that I was experiencing has gone.

The energies coming into the planet right now are intense. They are a catalyst for huge shifts in our consciousness.

Because of the profound shifts that can occur from these energies our bodies and nervous systems perceive these new energies as a threat.

This is particularly heightened if you have had a past-life experience where you experienced disempowerment when in your power e.g. the fall of Atlantis or any civilisation, witch hunting, being trapped etc

This fear creates resistance to these new energies in our bodies. Our heart’s electromagnetic field becomes dissonant with the earth’s new EMF.

We hold this resistance in our bodies which is why we experience muscular tension, headaches, heart palpitations, jitteriness, inability to relax and sleep etc

You can shift these symptoms by scanning your body and sending love and acceptance to all the parts of you that are in resistance to the new energies.

Send love and acceptance to all the parts of you that are experiencing tightness and discomfort.

Send love and acceptance to all of the parts of you experiencing pain and the need for control.

Send love and acceptance to all of the parts of you that are resisting the shifts that may occur with these new frequencies.

Continue to do saying to yourself the words that you need to hear in this moment until you feel a relaxing of the symptoms.

As you do this process, you may receive information as to what particular past experiences are being stored in your body and creating resistance.

Draw the energy from the part of your body and into your heart to transmute it.

Use this newly released energy to create a new set of belief, experiences, and emotions regarding that situation and the planetary templates that shaped it.

Feel the new space you have created in your body filling with pure source energy.

Anchor these new energies deeply into your Earthstar Gateway and the crystallised core of the planet.

Continue to do this process as new symptoms arise.

Ascension symptoms can be a catalyst for deep healing because they touch on core-wounds held in your body from a time when the Earth’s and your own frequency were very powerful, use them to your advantage.

Accepting them as something that you have to experience as part of the awakening process limits your expansion.

This is an opportunity to remove fear templates from your nervous system. To shift into ease and grace with holding your full power.

To access and reconnect with a high frequency dimension of your soul expression in this lifetime.

This is the kind of thing we are talking about in our Spiritual Activism - Planetary Healing facebook group. Come and check it out here:

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